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Hate the Slack overload?
Tired of saving real work for off-hours?
Minimize wasted effort daily.

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Abstract drawing meant to represent notifications

Align fast, work fast.
Avoid collective burnout.

Align work priorities real-time

Communicate up-to-date priorities and get the feedback you want, whether you’re a manager or IC. Skip the anxious wait for that next check-in meeting.

Screenshot of the Geshido Chrome extension showing a "Manager Mode". The "Today at a glance" section has a banner indicating that 3 team members have updated their flow tasks, a "Team Priorities" section lists 3 items above a "Post priorities" button, and a searchable section at the button shows priorities grouped by individual team members

Create mind-space,
not just calendar space

Do what you say you want to do today, and get flowing on it faster with Flow Mode.

Screenshot of the Geshido Chrome extension showing three flow tasks: "Read whitepaper for brainstorm", "Respond to question in Slack", "Finish building demo deck slides". The first task has a green button under it labeled "Enter Flow"

Stay responsive,
not reactive

Geshido helps you determine which notifications are relevant enough to interrupt you in Flow Mode. Don’t worry, we’ll let your boss through.

Screenshot of the Geshido Chrome extension showing a Flow Preferences popup. It says "By default we will mute all incoming notifications in Slack and Google Calendar" but also show options to allow real-time exceptions from certain people and apps.

Catch up at a glance

Review and act faster than ever before on what you missed from being In Flow, with notifications prioritized across apps.

Screenshot of the Geshido Chrome extension showing a sorted list of notifications from Slack and Google Calendar, with a search bar. Notifications are grouped by "exceptions requested by you", "deadline detected" and "flow task detected"

Prevent Burnout


Are you an employee trying to do your best work while fighting an ever-growing mountain of priorities  and distractions?

Optimize Your Team


Are you a manager worried about your team being distracted by organizational noise and working on the wrong priorities?

Build a Focus-Driven Culture


Are you an executive trying to sustain a culture of high performance?

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